Sunday, October 15, 2006


I've been feeling rather blah today. think I picked up a little 24 hour bug or something. Been feeling like I've had a slight fever all day and been in and out of the bathroom too. What a way to spend a really nice day....oh well.

I have been looking through the classifieds again today. I get so overwhelmed with all the things they have here. I was hoping to find some good looking job fairs to go to this week, but nothing is there. I may eventually go through a temp agency. Atleast that way I can get my foot in the door somewhere and if nothing else, gain some experience. I'm a bit burned out on this today, so I'm stopping now.

Spent Friday and Saturday going to work with bob and helping him out on a few things. Last night we went to our friends house and hung out. We all shared our horror stories of how rude and unreliable some companies are in the way they treat you. Verizon was top on the list with Comcast a close 2nd. Amazing that it's the 2 top communication companies that seem to enjoy screwing over the customers. I won't go into the subject in detail, but you all know the routine. Call for a service and they give you a "window" of when the tech will show to do said work then not show and and you've spent nearly all your energy trying to argue with them that you took off work to sit in your house all day for nothing etc.... You just had to be there for the conversation...added to the fact that all stories were discussed with consuming alcohol...LOL. (not me though, I had sierra mist).

Oh well, enough blab for one day.


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