Monday, October 02, 2006

I can't believe we found it !

I was at a loss today as to what to blog about, but I visited Ocean's blog today and her post reminded me of what happened yesterday so I decided to blog about that.

Bob and I decided to take an early morning walk yesterday morning. (After all the Dallas Cowboy's were playing at 1:00pm later that day and I knew that's where Bob was going to be). I do not like the case/clip they sold us for my cell phone when Bob added me to his plan a few weeks ago. When we left for our walk, I slid the phone in my left front pocket. We had a great walk through the neighborhood going on some roads we haven't been on yet and looking at the houses. ( We live in a Historic neighborhood.) When we returned home, I discovered my cell phone was no longer in my pocket. I was so close to panic mode. When we purchased my phone, we declined the insurance for coverage against it being lost or stolen. ($265 to replace this phone otherwise) We hopped in the car and "retraced" our route down to the park because I was POSITIVE I still had it when I went to the restroom because I was being very careful NOT to let it fall out of my pocket while trying NOT to sit down.....(ladies I know you understand that statement). It wasn't there so Bob rewalked our route home while I drove back to a street where I bent down to pet a cat that walked out to greet us. Not there either. I drove back a few streets looking for Bob and when I found him he was 1/2 way back with no luck at all. I told him to "call the phone". To our amazement a woman answered and said hello. Bob told her she had our phone and they met up around the corner and up the hill. I drove around and was thanking the woman for finding it and nearly ran over Bob because I wasn't looking in his direction. It was a crazy morning that's for sure. Bob knew I was in much more of a panic than he was. He's lost his a couple of times and found it but for me somehow it was way different. I knew how costly it was going to be to replace it and after all.....I didn't pay for it he did. ( I know honey, it's our money but you understand how I felt). It turned out great in the end and I'm glad that's over with. I also promised him that even though I don't like the case/clip, I'd wear it when we took a walk from now on.

I'll ask the same question Ocean did.....What was the last thiing you lost? And did you find it?


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