Thursday, November 02, 2006

Typing exam

I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 10am to take a typing exam for the Administrative Aide postion I'm trying for with the Prince George County Library System here in Maryland. Now some of you may think this is a no brainer. Well, here's my "delima" if you will. I can type very well and accurately WHILE I'm thinking of what I want to say AND while watching the keyboard. I sort of use the keyboard properly but not all the time. For the most part my fingers stay on the "home keys" and strike the appropriate key when neccessary.

I have to type accurately 40 wpm during this test. I discovered that I totally suck at that. I went to Borders yesterday and purchsed a book on typing. According to this book it can teach anyone to type in 24 hours. I figured what the hell, it's only $18. Nearly all afternoon and early evening I spent practicing my typing skills. It's way harder than I thought it would be to "brush up". Not whatching the keyboard is a hard habit to break. Bob timed me last night when I was to the point in the book of lessons for my 1st timed test. I did at least 35 words a minute. I thought how awesome is that!! I had great confidence when I went to bed last night that all I'd have to do today was refresh and improve.

I don't know what the hell happened between the time I stopped practicing yesterday, till I started again this morning, but you'd think by my typing that I'd never touched a keyboard before in my life!!! Perhaps I'm putting too much pressure on myself. I know I have what it takes to get this done. Now if I can only project that to my fingers.

If I pass this typing exam tomorrow they'll fax over the results to the Library. Then it's a waiting game for an interview. The job is perfect for me since it's only 20 hours a week. M-F 8:30 am through 12:30pm. The job has benefits too. It's just the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Now to take a small break and regroup my head and exersice my fingers....(maybe smack them around a bit until they understand what I need them to do)...then get back to practice. Oh..and you can only take this exam one time. 40 wpm isn't a lot to expect so if you can't do that, I doubt they give you any further consideration.


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