Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween

Bob & I went out and got some costumes to wear while passing out candy to all the kiddies the first year we got together for Halloween weekend 2004. I was a witch and he was...well...we still don't know for sure what he was, but he wore a soccer head thingy and it was a riot. We carved some pretty cool pumpkins that year too. We used a "carving kit" that had templates in it. I chose the more challenging one which turned out pretty damn well in my opinion......(the howling wolf). His was a good one too.

This year we decided to have some fun and dress up and carve pumpkins again. (We missed being together last year since I had to work and couldn't get away.) This year we chose to be "super heroes". Not sure how well we'd save anyone or anything, but we will be prepared to have some "super fun" on Tuesday when we go tailgating with our friends to pass out candy. We tailgate simply by parking our truck infront of their house and we all lower our tailgates and sit there to pass out the candy. (this entire reason is because their house is so high up on the hill that the kids don't go up there.) *disregard the attempt at male's a bottle.

Once again...I chose the more challenging template for my pumpkin. Trust me, I almost tossed the pumkin out and went for a new one. I toughed it out and I think it came out pretty damn good. It takes alot of patience to carve out an intricut owl in a pumpkin. Maybe next year I'll do the simple one.

So how are you spending halloween?


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