Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What I've been up to lately.....

Well let's see..........

Last Friday morning I took the typing test and I really don't want to discuss THAT outcome. I'm waiting to see if the Library is still interested in my resume enough to call me and give me a chance dispite the fact that my typing skills are less than desirable.

On Saturday, I started a project that is very hard and rewarding all at the same time....oh yeah, I get paid for it too!! Bob's Brother is renovating his basement now that Bob no longer lives in it. He's going to have a "home theater system" put in. I was given the wonderful opportunity to make some money until I find employment somewhere. All I had to do was tear down the old rotten ceiling tiles and remove all the old wood paneling and built in shelves. I love ripping and tearing as it's fun to let off any pent up frustration. I'll also be involved with the entire remodel process of putting in new frame work for the new walls and insulating. I forgot to take some photos "before" I started. On Saturday I worked for 3 hours and removed all the ceiling tiles and pulled out every stinking staple that was in the ceiling that held those tiles in place. On Monday and Tuesday I removed all of the wood panels from the main room of the basement. I did manage to get some "before" photos of that paneling. This isn't your average sheets of paneling either. This stuff is heavy wood with a "tongue and groove" style that locks them together and each piece is nailed in place. I have put a total of 10.5 hours in and this is what it looks like so far..............................

In this 1st photo, that "see through wall" also had all that paneling on it to hide the laundry room. That was the first wall I started on before I remembered that I wanted to get "before" pictures.

Let me tell you this book shelf unit was a royal pain in the rearend!! Way back in the day when they built this thing, they used about 8 to 10 nails for 0ne board. Really big nails too!! Amazing.

I took today off so I could go back to the car dealership where I purchased the car to pick up my plates that came in. (They do things so different here.) I also have to go to the local Police station to pick up my "residential parking pass" to put on my mirror. Now I won't have to use the guest pass to keep from being towed.

I stopped by CVS and bought some hair color to attempt a home dye job to get rid of these nasty grey roots that are aging me something fierce. Heather has always done my hair so I hope I can get this done and have it look good. I'd rather pay $11 for the bottle of color than $145 to have it done at the salons here!!

I don't blog as much as I used to and have been concidering stopping all together, but it's still fun to get on here and blab about my life. I hope everyone out there is doing well. I'll update in a few days with any job info and with more pictures of the renovation project I'm working on. Oh yeah....have I mentioned about how sore my body is from doing all that hard work ALONE? It's cool that I'm doing this and getting paid rather that "assist" Bob with it and he get paid...hehehe.

Have a good one and I'll be around.


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