Thursday, December 14, 2006

What I've been working on................

It was raining here yesterday so I took the day off. Since the area I'm working in is #1 outside and #2 under the side deck with minimal space (you'll see), working in the rain was not appealling at all. On Monday I got started on the window by removing the caulk and what have you around the outside of the window. I even got 4 bricks removed and stopped for fear the window would just fall out and crash onto the basement floor. Well here, let me show you the window I'm speaking about.

This is the inside view and you can see the underside of the little side deck I'm sitting under while working.

This is the outside view before I removed the brick but had already removed the caulk and framing.

Not much head room as you can see!! It's amazing how much bricks shatter when you hit them....good thing they made those silly ass goggles or I could have put my eye out.

Here's as far as I went on Monday for fear the window would fall out once I had that row of bricks removed. Through that hole, you can look right into the basement.

Here is the inside view looking out under the side deck after I removed the window this morning.

This is the outside view looking into the basement after removing the window this morning. The next thing I did was to finish removing that bottom row of bricks and old cement. Then it was time to start bricking in the hole. What an experience let me tell you. Bob had alot of patience with me this morning. (He's my teacher).

Here is the finished view from the outside. I'm not completely finish though. Tomorrow I go on the inside and finish cementing. There are cracks on the inside that need covered and it needs smoothed out (as you'll see in the next photo).

There is going to be a recessed shelf built in this space. That's going to be fun too since I get to learn how to build properly. I don't know when this step is going to be started though. My guess is not until after I'm done installing the waterproofing system. I'm nearly all ready for that process too.

So yeah, even though I'm not getting a paycheck with taxes and social security coming out of it, I'm busting my ass and getting paid for it. I'm loving it too!!!


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