Monday, December 18, 2006

Santa came a little early today.

I have been expecting a package from UPS with my little shipment of Nestle Toll House chocolate and mint swirled morsels (since no store around here has them yet) so I can bake this really cool recipe. To my surprise, there was also a huge package of styrofoam from Omaha Steaks on the porch too. Seems Bob's Brother ordered us this great gift for Christmas. There are 2 lobster tails, stir fry vegetables, stuffed baked potatoes, a gourmet cheesecake and 2 filet mignons!!!! I love Omaha Steaks...they have to be the best ever!! He did good. That was a great surprise. Now to find room in the freezer for them.

Oh....and by the's 73 degrees and sunny here today just one week before Christmas!!!!!


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