Thursday, January 04, 2007

Just another fine January day of SUNSHINE!!!

Nothing was wrong with my car yesterday. They put it on the scope only for that to tell them that the car had resently stalled....which it had when I tried to drive it too soon in the cold without letting the engine warm up a little. They cleaned the throttle block (whatever that is) and did the oil change and tire rotation and take a good look at the brakes like we wanted them to do. $101 later and the car is good as new (for a 10 and 1/2 year old car). I'm happy anyway.

High of 61 degrees here today and let me tell you that the sun is shining brightly. Why then am I in the house at 11:30am and not outside doing something???? Well, that's because I woke up with a terrible migrane/sinus headache at the bridge of my nose extending to the top of my head. As soon as Bob left for work I took some Excedrin Migrane tablets and laid back down with a pillow over my head for an hour. Good thing that wrong number called on the house phone or there could be a great possiblility that I'd still be sleeping. Instead I got up and cleaned myself up and straigtened up the kitchen. I even swept and mopped the floor. (as good as you can get with a stupid swiffer mop). Going to the grocery store is about the only thing major on my list today. I believe a trip out to Sam's Club is in order since we seem to out of several items. ( I say that now, but have been known to change my mind......the effects of too much caffeine in the excedrin).

Bob should be home for lunch soon. I suppose I should mosey on out to the kitchen and see what I can throw together for us for lunch. Too bad the housekeeper is off today...that's her job! Oh...wait...we don't have a housekeeper....guess that's my job after all. Oh well, better go get started on a list for the store then see what's for lunch.


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