Monday, March 05, 2007

What a day

Let me first say....NO BABY YET!!!!

We took my Granddaughter to school this morning then went on up to the car dealership so my Daughter could see if they would work with her on purchasing a new vehicle. She found an awesome Jeep Liberty on line that she wanted, but they sold that one. Long story short, they did in deed work with her and she is now driving a 2003 Dodge Durango. There is seating capacity for 8 people and has plenty of storage. Now that she has 2 car seats and is getting a booster seat for my Granddaughter, she needs the extra space. I'm glad to see her get rid of the broken down Dodge Neon she's been driving around for the past 6 years. She said the stress of the buying ordeal made her a nervous wreck and hopes that alone will make her go into labor. (That remains to be seen.) We were at the dealership most of the morning and it's good to have that all done and over with and back home for the day. I'll get soem photos of her new ride posted soon. (I forgot to pack my cord that plugs the camera into the PC to upload the photos.)

Now to go relax and hope for a delivery later!


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