Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Isaac is doing fine. The doctor gave him a prescription cough medicine and said he'll be ok. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Heather is still hanging in there and hasn't had any increases in her contractions and is infact going to work today from 9am to 3pm. She's hoping that if she coughs hard enough her water will break. She's more than ready to go to the hospital and have this kid. That's about it for now around here.

Back in Maryland though, well that's another update. Seems a day or 2 after I left, they got 5 inches of snow overnight and Bob said it looked like a winter wonderland. Then it rained ontop of the snow and turned it all to slush. (I'm glad I missed out on that crap). Yesterday, Bob said it was 50 degrees and things were pretty messed up with the snow/slushy stuff. He was walking to his truck through the yard at the house he's been working on and lost his footing with his right foot then tried to over compansate with his left and it twisted underhim and he's pretty sure he broke his left ankle. I'm sure Bob has a very high tolerance to pain (way more than I have that's for sure) because he finished his day out and went home then propped it up lastnight with ice. Now he's positive he'll get it looked at today, but he has to get the plumber started at the job sight fist. I understand they are under a deadline this week with an inspector coming on Friday, but if it would have been me,I'd have been straight to the emergency room the second after I felt my ankle twist under me. I'm confident he'll get it looked at and get it taken care of. I haven't spoken with him yet this morning, so I don't know how he's feeling this morning. If I hadn't left a week early to come here and "wait" for a baby to decide it wants to be born, I'd have been there and seen what happened. He wasn't going to tell me because he didn't want me to come back just for that. (I would if Heather wasn't so close to going into labor). Call me goofy if you want to, I just like to be there and help take care of him when he's hurt or sick. I feel bad now that I'm not. I know he's a big boy and can get through this without me, but I still wish I was there.

Well I have to get off here now and make sure Deydra is eating her breakfast so she can go to school. After all, I'm here to help with the kids so I better do my job....hehehe.


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