Saturday, February 24, 2007

OMG!!!!.....I'm using DIAL-UP!!!!!

Hey Hey from Ohio.............I'm at my daughter's house and just got her computer hooked up and online with AOL. I HATE DIAL-UP!! I'm glad to be on here though. Now I can check my banking account and email again. (and update on here too).

Speaking of updating...have you noticed the weight loss???? Another 2 pounds this week!!! (doing the happy dance!!) I've now lost 14 pounds since January 5th and I can't be happier. Just this morning I was walking on the treadmill and had sweat dripping from my face and my grand daughter brought me a towel and said ...ewwww. It feels good to keep up on my workouts. I'm still keeping up with my eating too. It feels so normal now to be eating right that the thought of Taco Bell or McDonald's makes me want to hurl.

No baby yet. Heather can't wait..I know she's tired of carrying the baby. I'll be sure to make an announcement when the baby arrives with ALL the details.

Time to hop off here now to keep the phone line open....sheesh.


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