Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm starting to not like Friday's

I'm not even sure why I chose Friday's as my weigh in day, but it is and I dread it each week. I have been increasing my exercise workouts and trust me my body feels it. It hurts all over but in a good way. I have not increased my food intake at all. I'm still eating small portions and those portions are all good healthy foods. So why haven't I lost any weight this week? I'm still at 186 lbs. It's frustrating and puts me in a slump for awhile. I only have 20 more days (or less) before I leave here and go back to Ohio. I'm going to be very busy while I'm there taking care of the grand kids and running my Mother around (I'm sure). I want to be able to stick with my eating habits I've established and get in my exercises. I'd love to see some weight loss before I leave here. Certainly in 3 weeks I'll loose something! On the 5th of each month, I take photos of myself. 3 views.....front, side and back. In these photos from January to February (with only a 9 lbs weight loss) there is a great deal of differnce and Bob and I can see where I've lost those 9 lbs. I want March 5th's photos to look even better than February's photos look. Am I too hard on myself? Probably. I know that when you're older it's harder to loose weight, but sheesh I should be seeing atleast a small amount of weight loss each week instead of zero! I can see a big difference in the way my belly is (from under my boobs to my pelvis area) from the exercises. I'm thinking that my body is now trying to tone up before some weight leaves. Well, regardless of what it's doing, I need to see my results on the scales as well as in the photos. When this is all done and over with and I've reached my goal, I'll share some of the photos.

For now though, I have to take a deep breath and relax and keep doing what I'm doing and try not to be so hard on myself.


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