Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Icecream Man

This is a wierd thing to blog about, but, around here, these trucks drive me crazy. I'm used to having the Icecream Man come around (with the noisy truck playing that God-awful noise they say is a "jingle") to alert the kids that popsicles are just around the block and coming soon to your street, all summer long. Once Summer is over and the kids go back to school, you never hear from that truck again until next summer comes around. Well, that's not the way they do things here. These trucks go out everyday, all year long, no matter what the weather is. I think it's totally rediculous myself. (One just went by my house). We see and hear them all the time. The place of business where they park these trucks in about one mile from here. The condition these trucks are in amazes me that they are road safe. I still believe that these trucks are a cover for drug running. I had my doubts about some of the trucks back home. Why else would these trucks be out no matter the weather all year round? It's just a hunch I have.

How often does the Icecream truck come around in your area?


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