Sunday, January 14, 2007

I had a perfect Date lastnight

Bob had a surprise for me that he kept wanting to tell me about for atleast a week. He did really well at keeping the secret. Last night was the night of "our event" as he called it. We took the Metero to DC and took the exit at Metro Center. (I know this means nothing to anyone reading this without any knowledge of the Metro System in DC). Metro Center is a location right in the heart of DC theathers and attractions. At this point I still had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do. We were talking about something as we exited the Metro station and a woman thought we were discussing a popular theater called the Warner Theater. She says to me..."are you going to the Warner Theater?". I said I didn't know and looked at Bob and said "are we?"...he says to the woman......"shhhh, it's a surprise!". She appologized and I thought it was funny....Bob did too since we were so close. As it turned out, as soon as we turned the corner, the Warner Theater was right there. I said to Bob...."Oh, there is the theater".....then I saw the marquee........"STOMP"....ONLY 2 WEEKS....JANUARY 2 - 14. He wanted to take me here on my Birthday (which is next Sunday the 21st), but this was the last weekend for it. I was thrilled!! I've been wanting to see this performance for years!!!. It was truely amazing. I highly recommed it to anyone. There were all sorts of different classes of people there at this performace with just as many different styles of wardrobe being worn. With me not knowing where we were going, I really didn't know how to dress. We dressed casual but could have very well worn our jeans and sweatshirts and fit right in. (The weather was fantastic as well. It was in the high 50's and no rain. A very light jacket was all that we needed.) This Broadway show STOMP is just fantastic. It's amazing how this group of people can make rythm and dance from brooms and trash cans and even a plastic bag. I will never be able to sit here and discribe to you how brilliant this performance is. You'll have to take my word for it and when it comes to your area....GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! After the show was over, Bob and I went to the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed a continuation of the evening. It was fitting to go there for dinner after seeing STOMP because I feel the loud music and the dancing on the monitors just helped continue on the show we had just left. He did good with his Surprise.


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