Saturday, January 27, 2007

My shoes arrived today.......sortof

Well lets see, I've been tracking them ever since I recieved the email that said they had been shipped. I figured they would be on my doorstep today. Bob got the mail and starting singing me Happy Birthday as he handed me the package. I tore them open all exited to see them and try them on. I stared at the box in amazement then said "these are not my shoes". You see, in the box was a pair of men's Reebok black basketball shoes size 10 1/2. (not at all what I ordered). I called the 1-800 # on the invoice and told the man on the phone my situation. He says... "Hmmm, they shouldn't have sent you those. I see clearly on your order what you purchsed. Infact, this order shouldn't have been filled since the shoes you ordered are no longer in stock." Do you all remember the problem I had just trying to purchase these shoes? This really has me mad. I asked the man what I was supposed to do now. He tells me how to send them back and get a "full refund". After he says that, he says how did you purchase these? I said on a gift card. Oh well, that changes things now. I have to fill out the back of the return invoice and mark that I want a full refund, but what they'll do is reimburse my account. I said so then all I have to do is go back on line and re order a pair. "Oh, no, you'll have to call us back to order them over the phone". Well hells bells...let's just complicated things even more. If you all think this has me pissed, you should know that Bob is really pissed. He's wishing now he would have just gotten me a Walmart gift card instead. Bob's thinking of keeping the shoes for himself since he doesn't have a pair of sneakers. He put them on and I think they'll be okay even though he only wears a 9 and 1/2 shoe. My guess is that come Monday, I'll be taking them back to the post office for a return.

Nothing is easy anymore is it?


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