Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Ticker Tracker

It's time to start tracking the days until I leave to go back to Ohio to be there for my Daughter when the new baby is born. The doctors still have her due date as March 12th, but Heather and I both beleive they are way off base on this one. She's thinking perhaps the 3rd or 5th and I have to agree with her. The baby is already in position and has dropped. She's going to the doctor's every Thursday now. She's been having contractions at work too. We don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl since it wouldn't cooperate on her last ultrsound. She wants a boy and I really don't care what sex it is, I'm just hoping for a really healthy baby. I still don't know how she's going to make it with 3 kids and being a single working Mom, but she's determined to do the best she can. She's only going back to work part time and then going to school too. (She still hasn't decided on a subject yet). She has her mind set to get ahead in life and get off of Government Assistance. This is a fabulous goal and I'm proud of her for making it.

Once I leave for Ohio, I won't have computer access. Heather never got the internet hooked up when I moved here. (she has my old computer) Perhaps Bob will post something here for me while I'm gone once Heather has the baby.

I went shopping some today and bought the new baby some things. I was feeling bad since I'm grandma and I haven't gotten her a thing yet. Now I don't feel as bad.

I still have 3 weeks before I leave....(unless she goes in earlier than we think!).


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