Thursday, February 01, 2007

What a week so far

It all started over the weekend. Bob and I have been taking turns being sick. I had a pretty bad chest cold that was kicking my ass....(still have some congestion but atleast I'm functioning now) and Bob has been battling evening fevers. For 3 nights in a row his fever was breaking during the night...(sweating so badly that his entire body was wet ). He was fine the night before last with no fever what so ever so he went to work yesterday. He had another fever early evening yesterday that only reached 102.1. I looked fevers up on WebMD and it says that most adults can tolerate fevers up to 104 but that 105 is dangerous. (something I disagree with). Well, I was happy lastnight when his fever left without a sweatout this time and so far this morning, he seems ok. Now if we could just figure out why his right big toe is swollen and puffy and painfull for him to walk on. I had him soak his foot lastnight in Epsom salt and the pain left. I wrapped his toes in guaze and put a sock on it so he could sleep. He kept it elevated all night too. He just cut the steel toe plate out of an old pair of work boots so he could get a shoe on and go to work without pain in his foot. Men.....I'd love to take him to a doctor, but well, you know how it goes.....maybe one day he'll let me take him. I'll give him credit though...he was a good patient lastnight and let me take care of him. He normally doesn't like fussed over at all. As for me....I'll be happy when this aggrivating cough leaves my body!! I thought it was pretty much gone until I woke up at 1am coughing my lungs out., no not for me either I guess. I get this stuff alot with my sinuses. I have no fevers and it's not Bronchitis or anything like that. I'm positive it will go away soon enough. The expectorant I bought has helped so my coughs are atleast productive. Hopefully Bob and I will be back to normal soon.

Oh wait...we never were I'm just hoping for healthy soon....hehehe.


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