Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Ice Storm in Maryland

It really doesn't look that bad. I went out to get some pictures of icy things and thought it was funny that my feet weren't making any foot prints right away. Funny to be standing ontop of the snow. Our neighbors acroos the street from us struggled a bit to get their car out of the driveway. It was obvious that the husband had to go somewhere today. It's very icy and lots of things are closed around here. I was surprised to see as much snow as we have. It's not that much and it never gets to be much around here which is why I'm enjoying being here in the winter. Here's some photos of what our cars and parts of the yard look like this morning.

I was just informed that later this afternon Bob & I will more than likely have to venture out. Seems we have an appointment for Brinks Home Security to come by his Brother's house to re-route some lines in the basement so we can finish framing it in. We're waiting on a return call from his Brother to see if Brinks is keeping the appointment. (His Brother is going in to work and won't be home for them if the still come out).

I just heard on the morning news that they are arresting people in Ohio for being out on the roads. Guess I'll call my daughter and Mom and see how bad things are in their area.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


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