Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well let's see......pretty much bored at the moment. The weather was supposed to be really crappy. It rained overnight and the roads were supposed to be icy. They may have been, but by the time we all decided to venture out, they were pretty clear, just wet. Heather and I took the kids up to Cleveland to the Zoo. Actually, it was the Rain Forest. They enjoyed it very much. It was cute to see Isaac react to seeing the different animals and the fish and turle aquariums. I took some photos, but don't have them ready to post on here. I probably can't post on here with dial-up anyway without getting frustrated. Heather has zero patience with this AOL and says she's calling Warner Cable to get Roadrunner hooked up. I hope she does.

I'm making a boneless/skinless turkey breast roast for dinner. Finally something Heather agrees to eat. I think a side of green beans and mushrooms and white rice sounds good too. I wonder what Bob is fixing for himself for dinner tonight??

I'm glad I came here when I did to be with the kids, but I miss being home too. It will be nice while Heather is in the hospital because it will be quiet around here. She keeps that TV so loud!! It drives me crazy. It's like living with my Mom in that aspect. She says she can't hear it over the furnace when it comes on. Whatever!! (yeah the furnace blower is louder than I'd like, but you can still hear the tv.) hour and 20 minutes before dinner is ready.....and there's nothing much to do. Think I'll play Spongebob monopoly with Deydra and try not to beat her tonight....or just go work on that afghan I'm crocheting for the new baby. Probably end up doing both.


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