Monday, February 26, 2007

That didn't last long.

Well, seems my Daughter hates dial-up way more than I do. She's had enough of this crap and called Time Warner Cable today and we will have RoadRunner installed tomorrow afternoon between 4pm and 6pm!!!! It's funny how these things irritate us into making decisions.

I'm sitting here with my Grand daughter while she does her homework and my Daughter is at the doctor's office with my Grandson. He has a horrible little cough and I told her I just thought she should be safe and have him checked out. With his history of getting sick and ending up in the hospital, she agreed. I'm hoping she comes back and the doctor says it's nothing to worry about.

I beleive when they return from the doctor's office, we are all going up to Sam's Club. Heather remembered some things she wanted to get while we were there the other day and couldn't remember.....but today we have a "list".....(Bob would be proud of me right now).

Well, seems like it's time for math flashcards as part of Deydra's homework, so it's time to shut this thing off.


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