Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oh well...............

The only thing that happened around here last night was that it snowed again and is still snowing. No baby....the lunar eclipse had "0" effect on whether that baby was coming or not. Can you believe my daughter is going into work today. Yep, she works from 11am to 5pm!!! She came home yesterday and said she was mad because she didn't have one contraction all day at work. She was so hoping she would go into labor last night.
I'm enjoying being here and taking care of the kids. Once the baby is here, I'll be depended on even more. I'll have to drive my Granddaughter to school everyday and pick her back up since my Daughter won't be allowed to drive for 2 weeks. (That's the way it was with her first 2 deliveries). I don't mind though, it gives me something important to do.
Guess for now though, it's time to get off of here and get my Granddaughter and me some breakfast. Hopefully today is the day!!!


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