Thursday, March 08, 2007

No baby yet!!!!

I took the day off from posting yesterday. I tried to spend the day with my Mom but only managed to take her to the grocery store. My Daughter called me and told me that I needed to pick up my Granddaughter from school because she was throwing up. Turns out she was fine about 1/2 an hour after being home.....why does that always happen??? She was a bit pale and had a tiny fever and did spit up some after I brought her here. I personally think it's because they had indoor recess after lunch and she bounced around too much. Who knows?

Still no baby. My Daughter went to work yesterday from 9 to 3 and works again today from 12 to 8pm!!! Her worse nightmare is that her water will break while doing someone's highlights. She said she had a dream that's how it happened. If she keeps going to work, it could very well happen that way. I'll be sure to post on here when the "event" happens, so stay tuned.


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