Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed...............

We're leaving in a few minutes to take my Granddaughter to school then it's off to the doctor and we're hoping he just sends her upstairs to the delivery ward!!! The thing is...at the moment, she doesn't even appear to be in any "labor". She's just having the same annoying contractions she's been having all week since I've been here.

So I'll post later with an update no matter what the news is.

*****UPDATE***** (10:15am)

The doctor said the baby's head is 1/2 an inch from being in the pelvis so he sent her on her way. She asked if he could just induce her and he said no because that would put undo stress on the baby and could cause Heather to "tear" much more than neccessary so she should just wait it out. The doctor told her that the last time she delivered he induced her because her B/P was too high. Since she's fine this time, he's waiting on nature to take it's course. He did tell her that it could be as soon as 10 hours from now or a few days. She has another appointment scheduled for the 13th but he doubts she'll make it. I have one grumpy pregnant woman on my hands at the moment. Send lots of "labor vibes" this way please!!!!!


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