Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well...............let's see.........

Yesterday was the 12th...that was the official due date for baby. This morning my Daughter had an appointment and the doctor told her that IF she makes it to next Tuesday, he'll order an ultra sound and if there is nothing to indicate a "problem", he'll send her upstairs and break her water............sheesh!!

We had been having a problem with this computer "freezing up" so I took it back to the repair guys that reformatted the hard drive and re-installed windows. They ran a diagnostic test on it and (go figure), it came back with negative problems. Meaning, they couldn't duplicate the problem. He did tell us that occasionally a USB port could be the cause. He said that if it continues, she should consider purchasing a new mouse. Well, she decided that if it happens again, she'll just do what we've been doing which is rebooting the computer. That is until she can't stand messing with it just to use it.

My Daughter bought my Granddaughter some roller skates and a helmet with knee and elbow pads. She was practicing in the kitchen last night and today since it was 68ยบ here today, we let her go outside on the sidewalk. Little did we realize the sidewalk "dips" slightly and she was having great trouble staying on her feet. Here's just one photo from my cell phone until I get more uploaded.

Now to go visiting and catch up on other blogs.


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