Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ohio weather SUCKS........................

Yeah, I knew it was coming. I just hoped they were wrong. After all they are weathermen. It was so nice the past few days being in the lower 70's with the sun shinning. It rained nearly all day yesterday and lastnight. Today, we have freezing rain and snow. I took my granddaughter to school this morning and it was only 28º and the roads were pretty slick in spots. Naturally the salt trucks were out in full force spraying that stuff all over the roads. My poor Maryland car is getting polluted with road salt!! It's so yucky out there right now. We are only going to have a high of about 41º today. My granddaughter is so sweet. I was complaining about the weather and she says to me..."Mom-Mom, it's good for all the spring flowers." I just shut up at that point. The wisdom of a 6 yr old brings us back to reality in no time. I called Bob on the way back here and he said it sounds like a great day to have a baby. Now if only the baby thought so too and came out today...that would be great.


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