Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some news to report

Let's see, I guess I'll start with a small update on my Son. He called me today to let me know that he has leave from June 21st to July 7th and emailed me his flight itinerary. I still don't know at this posting whether or not the Army has changed his deployment date. I'm hoping to talk to him again sometime tomorrow to get more info on that. It's going to be great seeing him again and we have to figure out how I can get some time off to get him to Ohio to see his Sister for a few days. Driving him there isn't a problem, it's seeing if his Sister can change her vacation days so she can be off while he's in town.

The other update I wanted to report on was an update to my last post. I woke up Saturday morning (maybe it was Sunday...anyway) to find that I had indeed dropped another pound. We did a lot over Memorial Day weekend and yes there was food involved. We had a birthday party for Bob's Brother and between the huge veggie plate and various chips and dips and the practically 2 inch T-bones and strip steaks, I managed to stay on track with my weight. I won't lie and tell you that I didn't gain any weight. What I will tell you is that the waffles and such from the previous weekend never had an effect. I bounced up to 172 by Monday morning, but with the amount of walking around Arlington National Cemetery and around the National Harbor Bob & I managed to do, I am back to 169. My body likes the pace I'm on and I love how I can get back on track so easy now after eating too much. I didn't pig out over the weekend, but I didn't deprive myself of some non diet food either. I think I'm just being smart about how I eat now. I had a sales meeting after work last night and we all went to Benito's restaurant afterwards. I ate a plate of Tortellini that was to die for! I only gained 1/2 a pound. Since today was a 1/2 day for me, I went for a huge walk around our neighborhood which consists of all different types of grades in the terrain. I'm happy to report that at this very moment I weigh 168 pounds!!! I'm now down 32 pounds!!!

That's it for now........stay tuned.


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