Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weight loss update

Tomorrow will be 10 weeks since we joined the gym. Bob is really dropping the pounds!! He's down 36 pounds as of this morning. My weight is dropping off, but like a woman's body, it likes to take it's time coming off. I'm down 24 pounds as of this morning. I'm very proud that I've lost 24 pounds so don't get me wrong. I really just wanted it to be more than that my now.

I'm going to get updated photos of our progress this weekend and get them posted. We both feel tons better. I know that it's easier for Bob to drop the pounds with the way he works during the day and then goes to the gym. We have a dance that we are going to next month and I'm going to go buy my dress today. I'm so excited because I tried it on the other day and it's a size 14. I haven't been in a 14 in a very long time and it feels great. ( I just know that I'll look back on this when I'm smaller yet and think...sheesh, I was happy to be in a 14!!)


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