Sunday, May 18, 2008

Celebrate good times....Come on!!

So you all know how I've been fretting a bit since I was stuck at 172 pounds for over a week with no change. Well, today I'm celebrating because I'm now at 170 pounds!!!!!! Just yesterday morning I was at 172.8 (again) and after staying up late Friday evening at the dance and having to get up early Saturday and work, we decided not to go to the gym to make up for missing on Friday. Who knew that after missing a gym day, walking up to Cheverly Day and splitting a funnel cake and then having waffles this morning for breakfast, would I come home from a 2 hour workout at the gym and step on the scales for it to say 170.4!!! I'm ecstatic right now. My body sure works the weight off in weird ways, but I'm happy I'm loosing it healthy. I feel great and I'm starting to really like how I'm looking in my clothes. I just hate being in between pant sizes. The 14's are a bit too baggy but the 12's are too tight still. I can get the 12's on and zipped, but they are too uncomfortable to wear very long. Soon though!!


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