Friday, May 16, 2008

Cheverly Prom Night......

Tonight is our dance. I took off work at 12:30 today to run office, hair salon and nail salon...after all, a girl has to look good for Prom!! I really don't know why they call it a Prom. It's more of a social gathering with town delegates and neighborhood friends than anything. Every year at this time our town has what they call Cheverly Day. On the evening before, they have this dance/get together. Last year was our 1st year to attend and we enjoyed ourselves enough to participate again this year. I'll be post some photos tomorrow of our outfits. I'm very excited about the dress I chose this year. It shows off the shape that I'm developing with my diet and exercise. It's more revealing than anything I've ever worn, but I feel very comfortable in it.

Stay tuned!


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