Thursday, August 16, 2007


Here at work right now (using the VP's computer) with about 10 minutes left on my lunch break. Things are going very well here and I'm learning more everyday.

I spoke to my son lastnight on the phone. Things there are going okay for him, but he says it's really hard. He is now certified in CPR. He has had a few exams and passed them all "fairly well" he says. They need a 70% to pass and he's gotten 90% on one and 80% on two. He had a big exam yesterday that took 2 hours (on 10 chapters) and he just barely passed it with a 70%. He was pretty upset with himself and says he's going to crack down on his studies. Other than that,, he's doing great.

I also spoke with my Daughter and the kids. They sound so grown up. I can't wait to get there next weekend.

Lunch is over it's back to work I go!!!...................................


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