Friday, July 13, 2007


I recieved the long awaited for letter that my son was sending me, yesterday in the mail. It turns out that he didn't have pneumonia afterall. He das something totally unexpected. He had "MONO". I googled mono lastnight to see exactly what it is. I've always heard it to be a "kissing" illness (as had my son) so we were at a loss as to how he had indeed gotten this. Here is the link to what I found out about it. mononucleosis is a very bad illness. It's worse than I ever imagined. I never had it so I never paid much attention to what it is or even how you get it. My guess is since it can be passed around by someone coughing, that since his platoon was passing around pneumonia, someone was doing some great amounts of unprotected coughing. My son was in the hospital for a few days and was required to wear a surgical mask. He started feeling better and had to answer a series of "mono" related questions before they released him to go back to his barracks. He said they nearly sent him home until he healed. That would have been for approxiamately 30 days. The didn't do that, though, because by the time they discovered he had Mono, he was recovering from it. He still gets to make up the training exercises that he missed out on and will graduate on time. He was so worried about that since Bob and I already had our flight reservations and hotel stuff booked. I'm just glad that he's getting better and didn't have to stay in the hospital longer. I hope that he heals completely from this. According to this article on Mono, you aren't supposed to engage in heavy exersice. Well, he is in Army basic training, so I don't see that happening. This type of information for a parent to hear is just upsetting. No wonder he wouldn't tell this over the phone.

Well, my 1/2 hour lunch is nearly over, so it's back to the time clock I go..................


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