Saturday, June 30, 2007

Update on things

Wow, it seems like forever since I've posted. To tell you the truth, it's been so hot in this apartment since the central a/c went out (something I haven't mentioned) that it's been unbearably too hot to sit in this office and type on the computer. I'm so glad that the weather has cooled off a lot this week.

My dentist appointment went absolutely better than expected. It only cost me $26!!!! Here's my problem..... I have receding gum lines which means I have root exposure. things have been going super fine since my previous appointments with the crown on one tooth and the filling and cap on the other. The problem started about 4 days after I had my teeth cleaned. My old dentist put a "coating" on my roots and told me to use sensydine toothpaste (which I have faithfully). Well, back on the 16th of this month when I had my teeth cleaned, they also irrigated my gums. All that protected coating was removed. I was just using the little tubes of sample crest toothpaste they gave me. That's when the pain started. I went in the other day and he xrayed my tooth and said everything was okay with it. He then said that according to my symptoms, it was because I wasn't using the sensydine toothpaste. He told me to get back to using it and deal with the fact that I'm "married" to it. He then said that if in about 2 weeks time, the pain doesn't go away, he'll have no choice but to do a root canal. I have fabulous news. It's been 4 days of back to using the sensydine toothpaste and the pain has stopped. I find that simply amazing!! Hopefully now, I won't have to go back again until September 29th when I'm scheduled for another cleaning.

I receive letters from my son very often. I received one today where he tells me all about his training exercises. they are now shooting the M16's and an MK-19 which is a grenade launcher. He says that it empties out grenades as fast as an M16 can empty a 30 round magazine!! He was really excited to train on the .50 caliber machine gun. You know how it is with boys and their toys I guess. I just love reading his enthusiasm in each letter. I'm glad he's found something he enjoys and is doing pretty good at. They are doing "live fire" training this week and that has me concerned. I've heard bad stories before of these young recruits not doing everything they are taught and getting severely wounded or die. I can only trust that things will go okay.

bob and I may be moving at the end of July. We just looked at a basement apartment that is so adorable and has more usable space than the one we currently rent. It's also $400 a month cheaper. It's practically a no brainer. It's back in the town that Bob lived in when I met him. (that's just across town from here). All our friends live over there too. It's even closer to my job by about 5 minutes. With gas prices you almost have to take that! It has a stackable washer/dryer and a dishwasher! I'm about 99.9% sure we'll take it. That means that by the 1st of August, we could be out of here. So much for my painting this living room the way I wanted it. Oh well, perhaps the next landlord will allow me to paint too.

I should be getting the Internet at my desk at work this week or next. Which means on my lunch breaks I can post if I feel like it and check my email. They are pretty cool about that. Well see though how things unfold this week. It's going to be a short one at work since we are closed on Wednesday for the 4th of July.

Take care all , and I'll try to post more often again.


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