Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our flight is booked.

Tonight Bob & I checked out our options for a flight, hotel room and a rental car and made a decision on a package. I think we did pretty good by getting all three for $864 (especially since we leave in about 42 days). We'll be leaving on July 17th and returning on July 20th. I have never been to the Atlanta, Georgia airport and that is where we have a flight change. I was hoping it would be a non-stop flight to Columbus, Georgia, but it's not. We'll arrive on the 17th at 1:09pm and by the time we pick up the rental from the airport and get checked into the hotel, we'll have plenty of time to "sight-see" in Columbus, Georgia. Our hotel is in Ft. Benning, Georgia but I'm not sure just how close that is to the base where David is.

I'm looking forward to this trip for more than one reason. The main reason for this trip is to be there and see my Son Graduate from Army basic training. The really cool thing about this trip is, that this will be the 1st time in the 3 years that Bob and I have been together, that we get to fly together. It's always been that either I was flying to see him or he was flying to see me. We're both looking forward to being on the plain together without having to say goodbye to the other one at the airport gate. Now we'll see if we can pack light enough for the short trip and only use one suitcase. Any bets on whether we can pull that off?

I'm really looking forward to this trip for another reason. It's been awhile since Bob and I have been able to "get away" together. True we'll have my son with us for 2 evenings until 8pm, but it's just in the getting away from home sometimes that we need. I know I do anyway. I enjoy the change in scenery.

So that's my good news for now.


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