Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Food Meme..............

I was tagged by Tish for The Food Meme.

The Rules:

1. Add a direct link to your post under the name of the person who tagged you. Include your city, state, and country.

Nicole (Sydney, Australia)
velverse (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
LB (San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy)
Selba (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Olivia (London, England)
ML (Utah, USA)
Lotus (Toronto, Canada)
tanabata (Saitama, Japan)
Andi (Dallas [ish], Texas, United States)
Todd (Louisville, Kentucky, United States)
miss kendra (los angeles, california, u.s.a)
Jiggs Casey (Berkeley, CA, USA! USA! USA!)
Lee Ann (Birmingham, AL, United States)
Osbasso (Helena, MT, USA)
Tish (Knoxville, TN, USA)
Jan (Hyattsville, Md, USA)

2. List your top five places to eat at your location.

Famous Daves..........We actually stumbled across this most awesome BBQ restaurant. We saw their commercial and I instantly was craving ribs!! We were not dissappointed in any way. If you happen to have a Famous Daves near you....get there today and eat!! You'll love it!!

Franklins....This is a well known brewery and restaurant in this area. They have been around for a very long time. People around here use it as a "map" locator. If some one doesn't understand where I'm telling them I'm talking about, all I have to say is "near Franklins" and it's like some huge light bulb just appeared in their brains. They say"oh yeah...I know where that is!" Franklins has a variety store also that you can find some unique gifts in. I say it's like a dollar store with a Spencer Gifts twist.

Ledo Restaurant....Bob and I found this very nice restaurant one day while reading the small local newspaper called the Hyattsville Gazette. there was an article about Oprah's friend Gayle that raved about it as one of Marylands best places to eat. She used to eat there when she was attending Maryland University. We googled the restaurant and discovered how close to use it was and had to try them out. We were not displeased at all. they have a huge killer chef salad that I myself am hooked on. Their burgers are awesome and the pizza, well you'll have to trust me on this one...the pizza is the best ever!!

Potbelly ...Driving throuhg College Park,Md one day, we discovered this great sandwhich restaurant. It has a college town atmosphere while dining since it's right near the university, but it's not bad at all. The subs are really delicious.

3 Brother's Italian Restaurant...Bob turned me on to 3 brothers. They have great tortellini and pizza and spaghetti..and oh...sheesh, If I don't stop I'll get hungry and I just ate. The best thing is you can purchase the meatballs that they make and the sauce they use. We get them now and then and make our own meatball subs at home on hoagie buns. I better stop before I start to drool.

3. Tag five other people (preferably from other locations) and let them know they’ve been tagged.

I tag Barman, Nelly, Kim, Denny and Keasty


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