Thursday, May 17, 2007

How I spent my day..............

This won't sound like much to you....but keep this in mind. I started at 9:30am this morning and it's now 4:18pm. So how did I spend the last (nearly) 7 hours....Hmmmmm........

Went to the bank to make a deposit.

Ordered the dumpster for Bob's Brother so we can fill it up with construction debris from the basement and a few neighbors can get rid of some stuff...(they split the cost).

Did 4 loads of laundry..(complete with washing, drying, folding and putting away).

Thawed pork loins for Bob to grill for supper...(so what if they just sat on the counter, I got them out!!)

Cooked potatoes and made them into a delicious potato salad to go with the pork loins.

Washed all the dishes I used....(and some left over from last night).

Prepared the computer for the Vista Upgrade by making "back up" discs....(this is what I just finished and spent the last 3.5 hours doing....and haven't even STARTED loading the upgrade)!!

In between back up discs, I have been reading my novel "Painted House" by John Grisham.

So I think I've put in a full day.


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