Sunday, May 06, 2007

What do you eat the day before going to the dentist?

Well, if you are me and you totally didn't think about it, you eat corn on the cob that was cooked on the grill!!!

i broke down and made a Dentist appointment for Monday. I swear it's been a good 15 yrs since I've been to a Dentist. I'd rather get a pap smear!! I have super sensitive gums (that are receding) and they have to numb my entire mouth just for a routine cleaning. I can't sit still for it. I clench my fists and I know my heart rate goes up. I never had a really traumatic event when I was younger at the Dentist to make me this way. I just always have been scared to go. I told the woman on the phone about my gums and how sensitive I am so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. My appointment is at 9am!! Since I'm a new patient they'll be taking xrays and such to see just how rotten my poor little choppers are. My molars have been aching for over a week now. I just know he's going to yell at me for staying away from a Dentist for so long.

So, Bob and I just finished grilling out. He made turkey sausage and hamburgers and wrapped corn on the cob (still in the husks) in foil and grill it all. I made us a fantastic macaroni salad to go with it all. I'm done eating and picking all this corn husk stuff out of my teeth when it occurred to me that my appointment was in the morning. Oh well, it is what it is. If you knew the pain I was in every time I flossed, you'd understand that I'm not a "normal flosser". I don't want to paint a picture here that I don't take care of my teeth. I brush constantly everyday and use sensitive toothpaste with a tartar control in it. (I do have plaque build up on some of my teeth though).

I just can't wait to get tomorrow over with!!!


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