Monday, May 07, 2007

I survived

Well, I had my dentist appointment this morning at 9am. They took xrays and determined where all my problems were. After talking with the financial lady, we went ahead and just did one procedure today. We talked my biggest problem. One of my upper molars on the right side needed a crown. The dentist doesn't believe in just going ahead with a root canal like some other dentists do while telling you that in 5 yrs you'll need one anyway. I actually like this dentist and the entire staff at this office. They are the most personable staff I've ever encountered at a doctor's office. This dentist is SOOOOO good, that I never felt anything while he was numbing me up. I actually have to say that this was by far, my best visit to a dentist ever!!! In all, I was at the dentist for 4 hours. I go back in 2 weeks to get a big filling and a cap in my lower right molar. Once these 2 procedures are completed, I can then get my teeth cleaned. They didn't want to put my through pain cleaning my teeth with nerve exposure. (especially since I'm such a wimp). The Dentist said I did very well today. I had my tense moments though. I did like it a lot when Bob came in for the last 45 minutes I was back there. It was nice just knowing I wasn't alone. I'm pretty sure my fear of the dentist is going away just after this one visit. I'm not scared to go back now in 2 weeks. Perhaps now, I'll start going on regular visits for a cleaning and my teeth won't get into such bad shape.

Bob made the entire trip there special by telling the financial lady that "every princess needs a crown". Isn't he the greatest!!?


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