Friday, May 11, 2007

update on things

Well lets see..............I already told you how well the Dentist appointment went on Monday. On Tuesday I went to work with Bob and helped him out a great deal on the remodeling of a sunporch he's now working on. (pictures to follow). On Wednsday, I had my job interview at the lumberyard/supply place (Peoples Supply Co.) where we get everything we need for the construction jobs we work on. The position was for cashier.....just part time. That interview went better than I thought it would. They already had me in mind not only for the cashier position, but later on down the road, the Vice President will be needing an assistant. He is the "buyer" for the tool department and they are finding out that there are some things he could use an assistant for to free up his time doing other things. I was excited to learn that they have me in mind for that. I went back to work with Bob on Thursday and we got even more work done on the sunporch. I had to go for my pre employment drug test this morning...(something we all know I'll pass)....then hit the road for some "new job" shopping!! I'm allowed to wear shorts just as long as they are "casual wear" so don't you know I ran to Target. 4 new pair of shorts and 4 new tops and no ensamble is complete without a new pair of shoes so I went to Famous Footwear too. My starting date isn't until May 24th since my boss will be out of town at a suppliers convention thingy all next week. I recieved my employee handbook today too. I'll be working 24 hours a week to start for the 1st 90 days. At that time I'll recieve an evealuation and either get a pay increase or let go. They don't anticipate letting me go and I know I won't be!! I'm looking forward to getting back to working a real job. I'll be working 6:30am to 4:30pm 3 days a week. Not too shabby eh??

Now here are some photos of the sunporch bob and I have been working on..............

I forgot to take "before" photos, so these are right after we demolished all the walls. I'll make sure these post before adding more. (since blogger tends to be contrary when I won't to post photos.)


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