Monday, May 28, 2007

Busy weekend

Well, I still haven't sat here and messed with this computer. I've been really busy all weekend.

Yesterday, Bob and I went down to DC to the Lincoln Memorial. There was a group of motorcyclists from all over the United States coming in. They are called Rolling Thunder. The help raise awareness of our POW's and MIA's still out there and try to get the government more active in bringing them home. They also help guard military funerals from protestors. I took photos of them and made a few video clips. The parade of motorcycles was pretty awesome to see and hear. You could tell that they all were having a great time. The weather was near 90 degrees and the sun was blistering hot. It was very hazy and humid too. I got quite the sunburn on my face ans shoulders. I don't mind that though since it will turn tan in a few days. (I even have sandal tan lines on my feet). Anyway, back to the rally downtown.... Pat Boone was there and spoke a little and I thought that was cool. It's just nice to be able to hop on the Metro (subway) and in about 10 minutes be in our nation's capitol and be a part of these cool events. I have never in my life seen so many motorcyclists in one place in my life! I'll post the video (it's only 2 minutes long) and if you want to catch a glimpse of what we watched, feel free to do so. (the 23 minute video won't load).We watched them ride into town for over an hour and people around us were saying this was going to go on for 4 hours. Well, we couldn't stay there in the hot sun for that long. We were down there though for about 3 hours total walking around. So, here are some photos and the video.

I hope you all have had a very nice Memorial Day weekend.


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