Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Update on my Son

As you all know, he's in basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia. I have received two letters from him so far....3 if you count the one the commander had them sign. He loves what he's doing, but naturally misses being at his home (he lives in Jacksonville, Florida)and misses the dog. I miss the dog too and sure wish I had him back. (Boo for Maryland to ban pit bulls!!!) In David's 1st letter, he mentioned to me that he doesn't miss cigarettes!!!! (he's 26 now and has been smoking for about 10 years..he was sneaking them for the 1st few years). They told them that they would not permit the recruits to have cigarettes while in basic training. That alone makes me happy. I've been wanting him to quit for years. ( I certainly hope he doesn't pick that nasty habit back up). His 1st week there, he wasn't getting any more than 2 to 3 hours sleep a night. He sure did have a lot to get used to as far as changes in his day to day routines. In his last letter, he tells me that they have been training will full gear on (adding 50 to 60 extra pounds) and marched to the training grounds. They have been working with the m16's and doing some bayonet training as well. I thought it was pretty early for that, but I can only go by a basic training run down the Army website gives. The good news is that I now have a confirmation as to when his graduation is. They have a Beret Ceremony on July 17th and then on July 18th, they have basic training graduation. The commander sent out all the information needed for us parents about hotels and airports. Bob and I have been trying to select the best option for us. We have decided to fly down since neither of us wants to participate in a 12 hour drive to get there. This means we need a flight. rental car and hotel. Surprisingly, I'm finding some not so bad prices. On the 17th, after the Beret Ceremony, David will be given an "off-post" pass so he can leave and go into the city with us until 8pm. The same thing will happen on the 18th after graduation. He'll ship out the next day for his AIT in Texas. I'm just looking forward to seeing him again and can't wait for July to get here. (The sad thing is, I'll now miss my granddaughter's 7th birthday back in Ohio. Her birthday is July 18th...I'll find a good way to make it up to her).

So that's the latest on my Son.


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