Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nationals vs Indians

Today Bob and I are going to the Washington Nationals baseball game to watch the 3rd game against the Cleveland Indians. We watched the first game on TV and I wasn't happy to see the Indians loose 4 - 1. They came back in what seemed to be a great game last night to beat the Nationals 4 - 3. We were at our friends house last night until midnight so we missed that match up. I'm looking forward to today's game. The Cleveland Indians have been my team of choice for many years. Now that I'm here in Maryland, I've been rooting for the Nationals on every game they play. However, today I'm sticking with my favorite team and hope they can pull off another win against the Nationals.

On another note, I have decided to paint my living room. When I decided to paint it, I had forgotten that it was today we were going to the ballgame. I might not get the room finished today like I had planned. It's a small room and I have 3/4 of it completed already. The smell of paint has given me a horrible headache this morning. It will be nice to get out of here today so I don't smell it. At first, it wasn't bad at all, but now it's all I smell and with this place being so tiny, you can't escape it. I'll post photos when I'm all done.


Oh well...the Nationals won 3 - 1, but it was a fun day. I'll have photos one of these days. I used my 35mm camera so I have to find the time to go and get the film developed.


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