Monday, June 11, 2007

Last Thursday at work someone backed into my little car(while I was parked) and knocked off my license plate holder and cracked my bumper. I wasn't too happy about it, but there was a note on my windshield from the guy that caused the damage. He appologized and left me all his information such as name, address, driver license # and what type of vehicle he drives and his plate # and cell phone #. I called him and he really was sorry he backed into my car. He's willing to pay for the damages and wants an estimate. I have an appointment this morning with my mechanic to have some work done on it and he has a "body shop" guy that does all his work for his customers coming by to give me an estimate. To look at it, you really can't notice it all that much, except I no longer have a front license plate on my bumper. It's now stuck in my window on the front dash. I hate that because it just looks tacky. Here's some photos I took.


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