Sunday, July 08, 2007

I survived the yard sale. It was pretty much a sucess. Our friend John had the sale at his house and Bob's brother and us added things to it. I was surprised that I sold our window a/c unit. We have 2 other units that we are using, but I bet if we would have taken them, I would have sold them too. We won't need them in a few weeks because the new apartment has a/c already. These 2 units will now stay in storage.

I got a phone call from my son lastnight. He's doing pretty well except he's sick. He said pneumonia is going around his platoon. He didn't want to tell me too much since he just sent out a letter telling me a whole lot of information. He mentioned that he went to the hospital. I did get it out of him that "part" of the reason he went was for pneumonia. I have to wait now on his letter to know the rest of that story. What is it with kids. They tell their parents not to worry about them, then give us reason to do just that! I'll get to see him in 10 days so I'm not going to let this drive me crazy.

I have more stuff packed today. It's 95º outside right now, but it's so comfortable in this apartment. I'm not even running the window unit. The HVAC repairman was here lastweek and repaired the central a/c. Even though we don't control it up here, it's very comfortable. That's such a good thing too since the weather is going to be nearly 100º for the next few days.

I guess my packing break is over now. Time to get more put away.


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