Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Busy Month ahead

Well, lets see, where to start?. Since Bob and I have decided to take the new apartment and have already given the security deposit, I have been collecting boxes for packing. I have already started packing and have our little tiny hallway pretty crowded with boxes. Yesterday after work, Bob and I went to the storage unit place and traded up from the 5x5 unit he's had for his work tools and got an 8x10 unit. All of this has really been quite coinicidental. Our lease for the apartment is up at the end of this month and with this new one being avaible in just 2 weeks that has worked out great. The storage unit rent was due today, so that again was perfect timing to get a bigger unit. Yesterday we spent about 1/2 an hour moving the storage units around. Now he has his work items on on side and we'll put house items (that won't be going to the new place) on the other. We are joining in on a yard sale this coming Saturday, so it's all perfect timing for us in deciding what to keep and store and what to sell and get rid of. With both of us working all day and nearly everyday for me now, our packing time is limited. To add to the already hectic time of moving, we are leaving for 4 days in just 2 weeks to go to Georgia for my Son's Army graduation. I believe the new Landlord said his painter is coming on Thursday and then after that is done he'll have the carpets steam cleaned. Once that is complete, we'll be able to start moving our stuff over. I really don't see us doing any of that until after we are back from Georgia. Tomorrow (July 4th) is my day off this week and my only time to offer my help in pricing and tagging items for the sale on Saturday. We didn't add too many items, but I'll be helping anyway. We'll be going over for a cookout anyway, so if I let them know that is the only time I can help get ready, I'm sure they'll just get the pricing under way. It sounds like fun to me.

I'm so excited that in just 2 weeks from today, Bob and I will be on that plane and headed for Georgia. I can't wait to see my Son! He called me last night and we talked for a little while. He doesn't like to talk about too much as he sends me letters about the things he does and doesn't want to spoil the letter that he has coming. It's just always good to hear his voice.

Needless to say, I'll be busy for quite awhile this month with having to squeeze everything in.


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