Thursday, July 12, 2007

Staying busy

We leave for Georgia in 5 more days!!! I'm still packing the apartment to get ready for the "big move" which looks like it will be the end of the month now. It's amazing the amount of room you have in an already tiny apartment when you box up your belongings and put them in storage. I do believe that this coming weekend will be my last blast of energy to box up the rest of of our things and get them into storage.

Here at work has been busy for me today as well. I've been number crunching and verifying stock on certain items. I have but 5 more minutes of my lunch break, then it's back to crunching more numbers. I'm not compaining at all since this is what I like to do. I just love that I'm staying busy.

Hopefully I'll get time this evening to come visit other blogs.


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