Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I have news!!

I'm at work right now on my lunch break so I have a few minutes to be on here. The first bit of news that I have, is that I have been promoted at work. I'll now be working behind the sales counter. I'm pretty excited about it and nervous about it too (just a little). The great news is, all the people the really matter (the higher ups) feel that I'll do a great job behind the counter. The gentleman that is in charge of commodities here, said that I'll be an asset. I sure hope I can live up to that. The one and only downfall about this now and that isn't even a big deal, is that I can no longer access this blog during work. It hasn't been an issue because my desk is in the back and away from the customer area. Now my desk will amack dab in the middle of customers so it;s not cool for me to sit at my desk and blogging. I was told that we can check our emails though. I feel that makes perfect sense since the customers wouldn't know if I was on a break or not. The really cool thing is that now if I want I can take an hour lunch. I've been packing a lunch and only taking a half an hour. I live so close now that if I want to, I can go home for lunch and not pack. I'm money hungry so I still think most days I'll just take the 1/2 hour. Decisions, decisions.

Time is up so it's back to work for now.


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