Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hmmm...what's new...........

Well, I told you that I was promoted to the sales counter so I'll start there. Things are going well with that. I have alot to learn but I'm picking it up rather smoothly. Bob has been a big help to me by sitting here pretending to be a customer and "ordering" things so that I can look them up in my "sales book/bible" as I call it. I have personally noticed that I'm asking for help less and less when I wait on a customer. I still do ask when something is asked for that I haven't heard of or if I'm not sure we carry something they are looking for. I took a picture of my desk today with my cell phone so you could see my little cubicle.

They fixed me up with a company email today too and ordered my business cards. Bob sent me an email at work to tell me my email is now on the company's web page. I was a bit excited to see it there. Here, go check it out. It's funny to me how something so small made my day. It feels good about all the things that are happening good in my favor over the last year. I have been employed now for less than 90 days and have been invovled in 3 or 4 different aspects of work here. My evaluation is due around August 29th. I think it would be nice if they offered a pay increase, but I'm not thinking they will since I just recieved one last week when they moved me over to sales. All I know right at this moment is, that I absolutely love what I'm doing and I'm really glad that they like me enough to give me these opportunities. It's now wonder they have so many employees with longevity.

In other updates.... Bob and I are going to see Keith Urban in concert on August 17. I'm really looking forward to that night out. We both have been working hard and we deserve it. We are also going away for a 4 day weekend on the 24th through the 27th so we can go to Pennsylvania and Ohio to see out Mothers. His Mother's Birthday is the 22nd and she'll turn 80 and my Mom's Birthday was the 7th and she turned 75. Even though it's going to be a short trip, we'll be busy and get alot in.

I heard from my Son a few times this week by phone. He's been very busy out there in Texas with his training.

I guess that's it for now.


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