Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Actually, I WENT fishing yesterday. A small group of us from work went out on a chartered fishing boat on the Chesapeake Bay. Here are some photos of the fun we were having. Oh, and I should mention that it was 96ยบ and very hazy. I was hoping there would be some sort of breeze out there, but there wasn't. The 1st Mate was a big help to us by bating our hooks and removing the fish we caught. The Mate works on tips only so we all pitched in $20. The Mate filets the fish at a small fee of $2.00 per Rock Fish and $1.00 per Blue Fish. We were only allowed 2 Rock Fish per person plus 1 for the boat. We caught 15 which was our limit yesterday. Once we had that quota, the Captain moved us to a different location to "bottom" fish for perch, dot fish and croakers. I personally never heard of croakers and let me be tell you, they do indeed croak!! It was the funniest thing I ever heard. Catching the Blue fish was pretty cool. They trolled around the Bay in circles with 4 lines out and when one snapped on, we would all take turns reeling them in. Sometimes it was hard, but it sure was a blast. I already told them, that when they plan this again for next year, I'm in!! We were on the boat from 2 to 8pm and thank goodnes for the 30spf sunscreen. My arms are a nice light brown, but NO SUNBURN!!


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