Thursday, August 23, 2007

going out of town

Bob and I are leaving tonight for our Pennsylvania/Ohio trip. The way it looks now, we are headed to his Mom's this evening and will sleep over at a hotel since we'll be getting in late. First thing tomorrow morning, we'll show up at his Mom's door and spend the day with her. We'll stay over at her place Friday night then we are all meeting up right outside of Jamestown, NY and will go to a casino 1st thing. We have a brunch cruise booked for after the casino. Bob's Sister and 2 Brothers are joining us for that. After the brunch cruise, Bob and I will be Ohio bound. We'll be coming into town there around 7pm and will probably show up at my Mom's house for an evening visit. We'll be staying at my Daughter's house instead of a hotel. On Sunday, we are taking my Daughter and my Grandkids up to Geauga Lake for some much needed fun. Come Monday, I want to take my Mom out for lunch and spend some time with her. We'll have to head back Monday afternoon since I have to be right back to work Tuesday morning at 7am. I know I'm going to one tired girl, but it's going to be well worth it.

I'll plan on sharing photos when I get back.


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