Monday, March 19, 2007

Wonder what today will bring..........

So far this morning, it's like all the rest I've had since I've been here. Waiting on the "Princess" to eat so I can fix her hair for school. She's stalling this morning because she doesn't like the egg sandwhich I made her..(mom's instructions).

We thought for sure on Saturday late afternoon that we'd be going to the hospital. My daughter was having contractions and back pain. After sitting with a heating pad for 45 minutes, she felt better and everything stopped. Guess we'll see what happens today if anything. My guess is she'll make it to her doctor's appointment tomorrow and at that time the doctor will send her on up to the delivery ward. Once that happens my Bob will be making his trip this way. I'm sure he'll be stopping in PA first to see his Mom so that by the time he gets here, my daughter and the baby will be back home. I'm just anxious to see him. I've been gone nearly a month already and that's almost longer than I was thinking I was going to be.

Well, I need to go motivate a little girl so she's not late for school..I'll update when things happen.


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